Technical Factsheets

Strategies and tactics,

for on-farm good practices

Milk Culture:

On-farm Mastitis Bacteria Identification Tool
Mastitis treatment Decision System based-on Petrifilm™

Antibiotic Selective Treatment System based on quarter level Petrifilm™ results at dry-off

Milk Sample Collection Technique for Bacterial Testing


Injection Technique for Dairy Cattle

Administration Technique of Intramammary Treatment in Dairy Cows

Recommended protocol for administration of internal teat sealant at dry-off time for dairy cows

Milking routine:

Pre- and Post-Milking Treat Disinfection

Step-by-Step Milking Procedure

Drying off cull dairy cattle at high production and in emergency situations

Welcome to the UDDER ZONE – cartoon series

Lower the SCC and reduce the use of antbiotics on your farm