Strategies and tactics,

for on-farm good practices

Technical Factsheets

Milk Culture:

On-farm Mastitis Bacteria Identification Tool
Mastitis treatment Decision System based-on Petrifilm™

Antibiotic Selective Treatment System based on quarter level Petrifilm™ results at dry-off

Milk Sample Collection Technique for Bacterial Testing


Milking routine:

Injection Technique for Dairy Cattle

Administration Technique of Intramammary Treatment in Dairy Cows


Pre- and Post-Milking Treat Disinfection

Step-by-Step Milking Procedure

Welcome to the UDDER ZONE – cartoon series

Lower the SCC and reduce the use of antbiotics on your farm

Réseau canadien de recherche sur la mammite bovine et la qualité du lait (RCRMBQL)

The Mastitis Network brings together numerous Canadian and international researchers, students and other professionals around an ambitious research program. The purpose of this program is to offer the Canadian dairy industry new tools and knowledge to improve udder health, milk quality and to reduce the important economic losses caused by mastitis.

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