Publications Scientifiques

Optimization of Preservation Methods Allows Deeper Insights into Changes of Raw Milk Microbiota

A. J. Kennang Ouamba, G. LaPointe, S. Dufour, D. Roy

MDPI. 7 février 2020

Comparison of physical and behavioral traits between dairy cows with low and high somatic cell count

A. Zambelis, I. Robles, T.J. DeVries

Preventive Veterinary Medicine.  1 février 2019

Partial prediction of the duration and the clinical status of Staphylococcus aureus bovine intramammary infections based on the phenotypic and genotypic analysis of isolates

S.Pichette-Jolette, G.Millette, E.Demontier, D.Bran-Barrera, M.Cyrenne ,C.Ster, D.Haine, G.Keefe, F.Malouin, J.P.Roy

Veterinary Microbiology. Janvier 2019

An observational cohort study on persistency of internal teat sealant residues in milk after calving in dairy cows

FidèleKabera, SimonDufour, GregKeefe, Jean-PhilippeRoy

Journal of Dairy Science.  Juillet 2018

Invited review: Incidence, risk factors, and effects of clinical mastitis recurrence in dairy cows

Hossein Jamali, Herman W. Barkema, Mario Jacques, Eve-Marie Lavallée-Bourget, François Malouin, Vineet Saini, Henrik Stryhn, Simon Dufour

Journal of Dairy Science.  Juin 2018

Short communication:  

Evaluation of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and a custom reference spectra expanded database for the identification of bovine-associated coagulase-negative staphylococci

 M. Cameron, J. Perry, J.R. Middleton, M. Chaffer, J. Lewis, G.P. Keefe

Journal of Dairy Science. Janvier 2018

Identification of bovine-associated coagulase-negative staphylococci by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry using a direct transfer protocol

M.Cameron, H.W.Barkema, J.De Buck, S.De Vliegher, M.Chaffer, J.Lewis, G.P.Keefe

Journal of Dairy Science. Mars 2017

Effect of intramammary infusion of chitosan hydrogels at drying-off on bovine mammary gland involution.

S.Lanctôt, P.Fustier, A.R.Taherian, B.Bisakowski, X.Zhao et P.Lacasse

Journal of Dairy Science. 3 mars, 2017

Rheological and thermogelling properties of commercials chitosan/β-glycerophosphate: Retention of hydrogel in water, milk and UF-milk

Ali R.Taherian, Pierre Lacasse, Barbara Bisakowski, Marylène Pelletier, Samuel Lanctôt, Patrick Fustiera.

Food Hydrocolloids. Février 2017

Evaluation of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for the identification of bacteria growing as biofilms

A.M. Gaudreaua, J. Labrie, C. Goetz, S. Dufour, M. Jacques

Journal of Microbiological Methods. Février 2018

Prevalence and Genetic Basis of Antimicrobial Resistance in Non-aureus Staphylococci Isolated from Canadian Dairy Herds

D. B. Nobrega, S. Naushad, S. Ali Naqvi, L. A. Z. Condas, V. Saini, J. P. Kastelic, C. Luby, J. De Buck, H. W. Barkema

Front. Microbiol. 16 février 2018

Coagulase-negative staphylococci species affect biofilm formation of other coagulase-negative and coagulase-positive staphylococci

C. Goetz, Y. D. N. Tremblay, D. Lamarche, A. Blondeau, A. M. Gaudreau, J. Labrie, F. Malouin, M. Jacques

Journal of Dairy Science. Août 2017

Comparison of treatment records and inventory of empty drug containers to quantify antimicrobial usage in dairy herds

D. B.Nobrega, J. De Buck, S. Ali Naqvi, G. Liu, S. Naushad, V. Saini, H. W.Barkema

Journal of Dairy Science. Décembre 2017

Importance et contrôle de biofilms formés par les staphylocoques lors d’infections intra-mammaires chez la vache laitière : une revue bibliographique

C. Goetz, S. Dufour, M. Archambault, F. Malouin, M. Jacques

Revue Méd. Vé. 2016

Comprehensive Phylogenetic Analysis of Bovine Non-aureus Staphylococci Species Based on Whole-Genome Sequencing

S. Naushad, H. W. Barkema, C. Luby, L. A. Z. Condas, D. B. Nobrega, D. A. Carson, J. De Buck

Front. Microbiol. 20 décembre 2016